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Product Licensing

For more information about battery system development or licensing ElectronVault technology, contact our Product team.

Let ElectronVault power you past the competition

ElectronVault’s proven energy storage capabilities open opportunity in markets where battery systems are critical for success.

Intelligent clustering boosts system performance, endurance, safety, reliability, longevity.

Thanks to our universal battery system platform, ElectronVault products and services capture and dispense more electricity at less cost than competing offerings. And you can get started today—our technology is easily licensed. Or, you can take advantage of our extensive engineering services.

Beat high battery cell management costs

Getting cells to function together represents up to 70% of battery system costs. No longer. With ElectronVault’s universal battery system platform, inexpensive commodity cells form the foundation for large, safe, and highly efficient systems.

Series 1 Line of Battery Modules

Series 1 Battery Module
Available in 220mm, 380mm, 540mm and 700mm sizes.

Introducing ElectronVault Traction Battery Designer

A rapid online design-and-build platform that provides costing and delivery of tailored traction batteries in under 60 days.