ElectronVault patented lithium ion packs battery systems store 20 percent more electricity than conventional lead acid systems at half the cost per kilowatt hour (kWh)—while operating at their rated capacity nearly 100 percent of the time with vastly extended maintenance schedules.

That’s critical for a range of applications—like vehicles. Our systems engineering optimizes range, power, performance and safety in electric cars, motorcycles and scooters. Industry-leading battery performance can increase urban driving ranges by up to 43 percent when used with regenerative braking.

SunVault™ Systems

SunVault™ energy storage and management systems optimize power delivery for both grid-tied and remote applications.  By taking a system-level approach to storage, these systems eliminate proven points of failure and ensure seamless operation throughout their extended system lifetimes.

Our battery modules are ingeniously simple to manufacture, deploy and maintain, with the ability to easily work with future battery cell innovations.

High performance features for superior ROI

  • Inherent safety and reliability
  • Field maintainable
  • Fault tolerant between scheduled maintenance cycles
  • Self-healing and operable, even when damaged
  • Interfaces with all known architectures
  • Cyber-secure management and communications
  • Built-in management systems avoid parasitic power draws
  • Patented interconnects:
    • Manage shock and vibration
    • Inhibit cell-to-cell transfer
    • Accommodate cell manufacturing tolerances

ElectronVault SunVault systems provide unprecedented system reliability and longevity. Warranty options include a five-year standard warranty. 10-year and 20-year warranties are also available.

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