Storage and battery systems have long been plagued with serious safety issues that interfere with adoption and deployment—and insurability. Battery cells can catch fire and emit dangerous vapors. System circuitry can go haywire, causing complete shutdown. Not recharging systems can easily end functionality—forever.

No longer. Renewable storage is now safe, crash-resistant and insurable, thanks to ElectronVault technology that provides inherently engineered safety in every system and installation.

Test results prove that our patented system design and materials inherently and passively prevent battery cell thermal runaway. Graceful system degradation and self-healing capabilities—along with more power per kWh—all add up for more safety.

Patented interconnects eliminate failure points:

  • Compatible with all commodity cells
  • No wires that can break
  • Passive, self-healing thermal management
  • No active cooling necessary
  • Over 350,000 low cost p&s permutations

Patented supports add even more safety features:

  • Shock and vibration de-coupling; expansion and contraction of cells
  • Ease of field maintenance and cell replacement
  • Accommodate cell manufacturing tolerances
  • Inhibit cell-to-cell heat transfer

Battery system safety is paramount for ElectronVault. It should be for you, too.

Get ElectronVault safety—and deploy li-ion with confidence. Get in touch.