Energy Storage

When power delivery is mission-critical, ElectronVault stabilizes renewable generation to significantly reduce the need for increasingly expensive, unpredictable dispatch services—and massively reduces wasteful curtailment.

  • 95 percent storage of solar photovoltaic and wind generated energy
  • 50 percent less cost per kilowatt hour (kWh) than conventional systems
  • 20 percent more electricity storage than conventional lead acid systems and diesel generation
  • Industry-leading roundtrip efficiency

ElectronVault’s DC-side storage turns solar and wind into dispatchable assets for lower-cost, harmonized grids, thanks to company founder Rob Ferber’s breakthrough advances in energy storage business solutions. His unmatched storage background includes more patented generations of globally deployed energy storage (over 8 GWh) than anyone on the planet.

ElectronVault storage solutions provide industry-leading fast smoothing, hourly smoothing and peak time value-shifting capabilities—with ongoing and immediate communication with the grid. This allows all stakeholders to virtually eliminate grid chaos caused by ramping events.

Dispatchable ElectronVault solutions are ideal for managed frequency regulation. Fast-switching capabilities bring ElectronVault systems online immediately for near zero interruption in electricity access–and proprietary thermal management systems can double cell life spans. To ensure rapid and scalable deployment, a range of options are available to meet specific component material and battery chemistry requirements.

That’s why our leading DC-side storage technology provides unmatched flexibility for each unique site by bypassing costly and inefficient dispatching detours.

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