License our technology to power your vision. Our patented technology gets vehicle, transportation, grid and off-grid projects moving fast.

ElectronVault’s cross-market, proven and patented intellectual property is ideal for:

Vehicle and Transportation Battery System Requirements

Extend range, power, performance and safety in electric cars, motorcycles, buses and more by licensing ElectronVault technology. Industry-leading battery performance can increase urban driving ranges by up to 43 percent when used with regenerative braking.

And drivers can depend on ElectronVault battery systems, regardless of cumulative cell failures. Graceful system degradation and self-healing capabilities—along with more power per kWh—all add up. ElectronVault battery systems support high continuous power levels for speed and high pulse power levels critical for strong acceleration and drive train optimization.

Solar and Wind Energy Storage Requirements

Sell bottled sun and wind. License ElectronVault technology to store up to 95 percent of solar photovoltaic-generated energy–and make stored wind energy dispatchable with industry-leading roundtrip efficiency.

Our SunVault™ technology is engineered to tame uncontrolled ramping events while simultaneously delivering optimal power during peak periods.

Dispatchable SunVault stored energy is ideal for managed frequency regulation. Fast-switching capabilities bring ElectronVault systems online immediately for near zero interruption in electricity access–and proprietary thermal management systems can double cell life spans. To ensure rapid and scalable deployment, a range of options are available to meet specific component material and battery chemistry requirements.

Off-Grid Energy Storage System Requirements

Make off-grid power reliable. License ElectronVault technology to store 20 percent more electricity than conventional lead acid systems—at half the cost per kilowatt hour (kWh)–while operating at their rated capacity nearly 100 percent of the time.

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